Chocolate Bars For Around 100 Calories

Nutrition Chat

Some real talk for you now, it’s absolutely fine to include chocolate in your diet. Sure you might want to basis your primary meals around nutritious choices, but for long term happiness? Chocolate has its place and for me, it’s a daily thing.

When it comes to lower calorie chocolate bars, marketing can play not only an expensive and also confusing part of making a suitable choice. Whilst, I’m in no way shape or form here to tell you not to buy what you enjoy and/or suits your budget. I’m always keen to remind people that the bar that’s heavily marketed as the “Healthy Option” might not be any nutritionally different to just buying a smaller version of your favourite brand.

Here’s some of my favourite choices and I’ve snuck in a few chocolate biscuits too, because why the hell not?

KitKat – 106 Calories

Dairy Milk Little Bars – 96 Calories

Cadbury Freddo – 95 Calories

Kinder chocolate bars – 71Calories

Mars, Snickers and Twix – All now have 99 calorie options available.

Blue Riband biscuit = 99 calorie

Cadbury Curly Wurly – 118 Calories

Milkyway – 117 Calories

Mini Cadbury Buttons Bag – 76 Calories

Mini Milkybar Buttons Bag – 65 Calories

Breakaway Bar – 99 Calories

Club Orange Bars – 116 Calories

Tunocks Tea Cakes – 106 Calories  

Twix Top Chocolate Biscuit Bars -106 Calories

Cadbury Flake 20g Bar – 104 Calories

Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream – 122 Calories

Kinder Surprise Egg – 110 Calories

Cadbury Mini Fingers Snack Bag – 98 Calories

Toffee Crisp Chocolate Biscuits – 99 Calories


Katie x

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