Navigating Christmas Nutrition


Personally, I’m delighted to be power walking the streets wearing a highly flammable Christmas Jumper, alongside snuggling in front of the fire with a good book, and scouting the supermarkets for tasty treats.

 But it hasn’t always felt so easy, because this time of year was always riddled with feelings of guilt around food and telling myself “I’ll start tomorrow” or “January will be my month, not a morsel of highly palatable food will pass my lips“.

With this in mind, I’m sharing a few simple tips that might guide you through this tricky time of year and make the process of sustainable fat loss a breeze.

  1. Stick to the basic principles – Which are 3-5 Servings of fruit/vegetables  – Plenty of water- Aim to hit your protein goals – Stick to your daily step goals (this is to simply keep your daily base energy expenditure consistent).
  2. Rate food on a “Hell Yes” scale – For example, if it’s something that you’ll really genuinely enjoy – Go for it, but if it’s fairly average or low on the scale, politely decline and move on.
  3. Remember that you don’t need a cheat week – Whilst it might feel like it’s not worth trying to make better choices, because you’ve “fallen off the wagon”. Remember, it might not actually continue you feel as good. Christmas Day is great but you can use the leftovers for more satisfying and nutritionally balanced meals. Treat this time of year like a pizza, often the first slice is delicious, but by the end it’s lost that magic touch.
  4.  Can you make a variation? – For example, if you fancy a Baileys Hot Chocolate, how about having a “High Lights” hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys at home?
  5. Don’t beat yourself up – Let’s be honest, guilt is far from the ideal emotion, even more so around food. Pack up, move on and make better choices as you continue with your day.
  6. It’s easier to start now – Think about it logically, the longer you leave starting the process the harder it becomes. You’re better to start taking better care of yourself and maintain your weight over the festive season, than start in January a few lbs heavier and with further to go.

If you want some inspiration on how to put together delicious and macro-friendly meals, then you should definitely pick a copy of my recipe book. If you’re interested in coaching, I’m opening a few spots and would to hear from you.



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